Need some helping getting organized? Use the Badger Region Junior Club & Coaching Toolkit to your advantage and make sure you are ready for tournament weekends.


  1. Player medical forms: you must have these with you in case of emergency.
  2. Player/Parent contact info: in case of a last-minute schedule change or emergency.
  3. Official Sports Engine roster
  4. Coaching bag: two whistles, a med kit, player medical forms, line-up sheets, scratch paper & writing utensil.
  5. Team schedule: obtain from your Club Director, the host team’s website or AES.
  6. Event schedule: make sure you know the structure of the entire event, not just your pool
  7. Directions: make sure you know how to get to the event.
  8. Contact info: you will want to have the tournament director’s contact info in case of emergency
  9. Carry-in policy: know whether or not coolers, carry-ins or chairs are allowed to avoid fines
  10. Facility rules: know the playing rules of the facility and communicate the rules to your team (no ball-handling in the hallways, etc.)


  1. Check in: Print your official Sports Engine roster, sign and turn in at the tournament desk prior to the start of the event.
  2. Verify match results: you (or someone assigned by you) should confirm that your team’s wins, losses and points are correctly recorded throughout the event.
  3. Follow event standings: you (or someone assigned by you) should check pool standings so you are aware of potential tie-breaker situations. During pool play, there is potential for a tie-breaker situation.


  1. Address problems: talk with your club director about any problems you dealt with or potential future problems.
  2. Know your team code: tournament directors use this code to report the official standings and may need it.


Looking for some “mock” handbooks that you can tailor to meet your club’s needs. Check out the following:

  1. Welcome from Badger Region.
  2. Sample commitment form
  3. Sample coach policy handbook
  4. Sample participant manual
  5. USAV Sample Club Travel Policy. PDF VersionWord Version
  6. Sample refund policy
  7. Sample Conflict Resolution policy