For the 2022-23 Badger Region Officials Pre-Season Video, (coming soon).

There are two types of officials in Badger Region: referees and scorers. Each match is overseen by a work crew composed of referees and scorers who ensure all matches adhere to USA Volleyball’s competition rules.

There are four referees that officiate each match: the First Referee (R1/up ref), the Second Referee (R2/down ref) and two line judges.

First Referee: the lead official of each match in charge of making ball-handling calls, controlling the tempo of the match and using judgement to overrule/uphold the calls of other officials.
Second Referee: responsible for monitoring play at the net, alerting to the First Referee of time outs and substitutions and serving as a liaison between the coach/First Referee.
Line Judges: responsible for monitoring the lines of the court.

Scorers are responsible for ensuring that a match is documented efficiently and accurately. Three to four individuals are needed to score each match, each covering one of the scorer duties below.

Libero Tracker: responsible for filling out the libero tracking sheet according to USAV procedure.
Scorer: responsible for filling out the score sheet according to USAV procedure.
Visual Scorer: responsible for keeping score and assuring it matches the score sheet.
Score Monitor: a professional scorer who has undergone training, received certification and been appointed by Badger Region.

There are two ways to gain the qualifications needed to officiate a match in Badger Region. Interested in becoming a referee? Click Here to fill out an application and be added to our interested parties list.

1. Become a professional referee or become a professional scorer: individuals undergo training to achieve different certification levels and be assigned to paid officiating crews. Please note one must be 16 or older to professionally officiate a Badger Region event.
2. Ref/Score with your club team: club programs are required to educate their players and coaches in all aspects of officiating, allowing members to serve on officiating crews at events.

Referee profiles

In 2020, the Badger Region began doing a fun feature highlighting the awesome referees in our Region. Take a look at some of the fun videos they put together