To participate in the USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships, a team must either register for the Patriot Division (all-comers) or attempt to qualify for one of the four bid-winner divisions: Open, National, USA and American. Teams must attend a national qualifier to earn Open or USA bids, while they may attend a regional qualifier to earn National or American bids. All boys bids are awarded through the national bid tournament process. Click here for more information.


2023 Preliminary formatting/tournament information here.

Age National Bids Reallocation American Bids Reallocation Freedom Bids City
G11 1 13 NA NA NA Minneapolis
G12 1 13 2 30 NA Minneapolis
G13 1 9 2 27 NA Minneapolis
G14 1 9 2 27 2 Chicago
G15 1 9 2 27 2 Chicago
G16 1 9 2 27 2 Chicago
G17 1 9 2 27 2 Chicago
G18 1 9 2 29 2 Columbus

For Girls 12-18s, the 2023 Badger Region Qualifier awards one National and two American bids in each age division. The number of bids awarded is determined by USA Volleyball based on number of registered teams and athletes in the Region. Some bids may be awarded through “Trickle Down” or the “Reallocation Process,” and therefore be granted after the completion of the tournament, as late as the first week of May.

Against this year: All teams are eligible for a bid to the Freedom Division, which will go to the two highest finishing teams in the G14-18s division that do not receive a National or American bid.

For more about the restructuring of the GJNC bid divisions, click here.

For more about the National Championships, check out the USAV Championships Manual by clicking here.

Continuing for 2023: The Badger Region will pre-reserve hotel rooms for teams who win and accept the National bid of each age division 11-13 in Minneapolis or 14-17s in Chicago for the Girls Junior National Championships.

Continuing in 2022: In accordance with all qualifiers: Teams are responsible for providing an officiating/work crew for matches in which they are not scheduled to play. Those work assignments can be found in the official play schedule. For planning purposes, be prepared to provide the following officials:
* Second referee (must be a rostered adult)
* Certified scorer
* Scoreboard operator
* Two line judges


Date: February 25-26, 2023
Menomonee Falls, West Allis, and Kenosha/Somers
Milwaukee Sting Center (N54W13904 Northpark Drive, Menomonee Falls); State Fair’s Wisconsin Products Pavilion (640 S. 84th Street, West Allis) and UW-Parkside (900 Wood Road, Somers)
Schedule: Click here.
University Athlete Information: Click here for colleges attending
Bid Declaration/Seeding Form: Click here
Teams entered: Click here.

* Teams are guaranteed one day of play but need to qualify for day two of the tournament by finishing well in pool play.

FORMAT: Format will be determined by the number of teams entered in the Division.  2-9 teams will be a 1-day event, 10-24 teams will be a 2-day event.