Coaches committed to the sport, folks giving outstanding service to the officiating world and some National Champions call the Badger Region home. Take a look at the many awards and honors given to athletes, teams and referees from Wisconsin throughout the history of the Badger Region.

The Leif Storvik Award

The prestigious Lefit Storvik award is given to a Badger Region member based on the following:

  • Accountability: Being responsible for the impact of ones actions on the Badger Region
  • Attitude: Being positive, supportive and proactive in one’s words and actions
  • Communication: Share information openly, clearly and complimentary
  • Excellence: Provide quality service that exceeds expectations
  • Integrity: Building trust and confidence in all relationships through honesty, commitment and courage to do what is right
  • Respect: Recognize and value the uniqueness of each individual through tolerance, compassion and courtesy to all
  • Teamwork: Create lasting partnerships and work together to achieve mutual goals

Leif Storvik Award winners:

  • 2017: Jerry Lahmann
  • 2012: Anne Slattery
  • 2007: Jenny Hahn
  • 2006: Terry and Nancy Paulson
  • 2004: Julie Voeck
  • 2002: Neill Luebke

Robert L. Lindsay Meritorious Service Award:

The USAV Meritorious Service Award is in recognition for “contributing outstanding participation, motivation and other services in the promotion of volleyball.”

Robert L. Lindsay Meritorious Service Award Winners 2021 – Jennifer Armson-Dyer, Julie Gahl, Nicole Holland, Hailey Litzau, Peggy Pittner, Scott Spiess
2019 – Dave Bayer, Teague Prichard, Shane Reid,  Eddie Zelhofer 2018 – Lisa Deppe, Sue Rohde, Sara Voigt, Tom Galecke, Kurt Officer
2017 – Michelle Haider, Felix Madera, LJ Marx, Ryan Thompson, Marissa Werner 2016 – Lori Napierala, Brian Schaefer, Deb Schulman, Jim Arts, Rod Wilde
2015 – Jesse Gumm, Valerie McCarthy, Brad Kuehl, Mike Ziegler, John Nelson 2014 – Laura Gallenberger, Pati Rolf, Mark Schultz, Brian Sharkey, Trygve Smalley
2013 – BJ Bryant, Alan Capps, Chuck McCracken (AES), Jim Neave, Dave Schmidlin 2012 – Sharon Galonski, Betty Lange, Kelly Lehman, Larry Schoenick, Janice Siebert
2011 – Tom Jurczyk, Laine Leitzke, Bev Bodart, Tom Pangborn, Sam Firtko 2010 – Dan Truttschel, John Simon, Paul Schlomer, Dan Wong
2009 – Greg Ceilley, Jackie Durigan, Jon Elman, Joel Gawronski, Laura Selgeb 2008 – Shane/Angie Hardwick, Jeanne/Dave Calteaux, Bill/Diane Harrod, Chad Schreiber, Chuck Borga
2007 – Joel Gawronski, Colleen Houk, Marty Petersen, Marcy Thuwacher, Kelly Vecitis 2006 – Scott Blackmon, Erich Hinterstocker, Michael Kosoris, James Momsen, Kim Wudi
2005 – Todd Gawronski, Tom Gulak, Chris Haworth, Ruth/Lowell Leitzke, Adam Stikel 2004 – Petey Ahneman, Eileen Alt, Mark Chartier, Franco Marcos, Anne Slattery
2003 – Jose Gonzales, Ken Neusen, Mark Hahn, Matt Schoultz, Stephanie Hauser 2002 – Bob Staskunas, Jerry Baeckman, John/Marilyn Lynch, Mike Immel, Gary Paul
2001 – Shelly Johnson, John Kingsbury, Jason Smith, BJ LeRoy, Bill Petersen 2000 – Julie Voeck, Peggy Jones, Jerry Zanotelli, Don Schutt
1999 – Ted Schulte, Dale Rohde, Dennis Heltemes, Kim Gaunt, John Cooper Pre-1998 – Jim Plaisted, Jenny Hahn, Kay Schachte, Karl Dixon, Terry/Nancy Paulson

Officiating Honors:

  • Julie Voeck was named to the NORCECA Officials Commission in the fall of 2020. The commission helps recruit, train and retain international officials.
  • Pati Rolf was chosen to officiate at the 2016 Rio Olympics Games representing the United States. She also officiated the 2016 NCAA Div. 1 Women’s Volleyball Championships. In 2018, she was named Director of Officials Development for USA Volleyball
  • Julie Voeck, who served as President and Commissioner for three terms, was named Chair of the USAV Rules Advisory Committee in 2019. She received USA Volleyball’s prestigious Golden Whistle Award in 2002.
  • John Nelson received the Dale Rohde “Silver Whistle Award” at the 2015 Wisconsin Volleyball Conference Championships.
  • Jim Momsen received the Dale Rohde “Silver Whistle Award” at the 2016 Wisconsin Volleyball Conference Championships.
  • Eileen Alt received the Dale Rohde “Silver Whistle Award” at the 2017 Wisconsin Volleyball Conference Championships.

Badger Region/AVCA Coach of the Year

  • 2022 Boys Coach of the Year: Chris Gabel, RVA
  • 2022 Girls 12U Coach of the Year: Christina Schmitz, Madtown
  • 2022 Girls 14U Coach of the Year: Debra Sazama, Xtreme VBC
  • 2022 Girls 16U Coach of the Year: Mark Sullivan, Elevate
  • 2022 Girls 18U Coach of the Year: Michael Lopez, Capital
  • 2021 Boys Coach of the Year: Ed Fried, MKE Sting
  • 2021 Girls 12U Coach of the Year: Meghan Mache, Junior Vikings
  • 2021 Girls 14U Coach of the Year: Steve Scheuerell, FC Elite
  • 2021 Girls 16U Coach of the Year: Pam Schroeder, Eau Claire Air
  • 2021 Girls 18U Coach of the Year: Sue Baker, Wisconsin Premier
  • 2020 Boys Coach of the Year: Alec Birz, Southport VBC
  • 2020 Girls 14U Coach of the Year: Alex Moe, Wisconsin Juniors
  • 2020 Girls 16U Coach of the Year: Allison Silveira-Haworth, 360 VBA
  • 2020 Girls 18U Coach of the Year: BJ Le Roy, Spiketown USA
  • 2019 Boys Coach of the Year: Jon Baldewicz, Milwaukee Coastal VBC
  • 2019 Girls 14U Coach of the Year: Jason Kirby, Reign VBC
  • 2019 Girls 16U Coach of the Year: Braedy Helmbreacht, I AM Volleyball Club
  • 2019 Girls 18U Coach of the Year: Kristin Riesgraf, Twin Ports Volleyball

Badger Region/AVCA Club Director of the Year

  • 2022: Adam Stikel (Southwest)
  • 2021: Quinn Lukens (Capital Volleyball Academy)
  • 2020: Josh Price (Juniors Volleyball Clubs)
  • 2019: Heather Curley (Revolution Volleyball Academy)

Badger Region/AVCA Distinguished Honor Awards

  • 2022 Net Works Award: Amy Angelos (Madtown)
  • 2022 Net Works Award: Kevin Fischer (Spiketown)
  • 2022 Innovation Award:  Bob Hamm (Madison Elite)
  • 2021 Net Works Award: Ken Anderson (South Shore Slam)
  • 2021 Innovation Award: Phil Lambe (414 Milwaukee Elite)
  • 2020 Net Works Award: Kevin Scopoline (Madison Elite)
  • 2020 Net Works Award: Casey Price (Juniors Volleyball Clubs)
  • 2020 Innovation Award: Emma Kane (Wisconsin Blaze)

Girls and Boys High Performance Program:

  • USA All-Star Championships-Girls National Youth First Place 2022
  • USA All-Star Championships-Boys National Youth First Place 2022
  • USA All-Star Championships-Girls National Select Third Place 2021
  • USA All-Star Championships-Boys National Select Third Place 2021
  • USA HP Championships-Girls National Select Third Place 2019
  • USA HP Championships-Boys National Select Runner Up 2019
  • USA HP Championships-Girls National Select Third Place 2016
  • USA HP Championships-Girls International Youth Third 2015
  • USA HP Championships-Boys National Youth Champions 2010
  • USA HP Championships-Girls International Youth Runner Up 2010
  • USA HP Championships-Girls National Select Champions 2010
  • USA HP Championships-Girls National Youth Champions 2008

USAV National Championships:

Year Division Badger Region National Champions
2022 Girls 17 National Milwaukee Sting 17-Gold
2022 Girls 16 National FC Elite 16-Navy
2022 Girls 14 Patriot Milwaukee Sting 14-White
2017 Men’s A Team Core
2015 Men’s Open Lights Out
2012 Boys 18 Open West Allis Lightning 18s
2010 Boys 16 Open West Allis Lightning 16s
2007 Boys 13 Open West Allis Lightning 13s
2004 Girls 16 Open Milwaukee Sting G16-Gold
2004 Men’s 65s Molten VB
2003 Men’s 65s Molten VB
2002 Men’s AA Team Ashley Furniture
2001 Girls 17 Open Milwaukee Sting G17-Gold
2001 Men’s A Miller Time Pub
2000 Boys 14 Open North Shore Milwaukee 14
2000 Men’s A Sponsor Us

Badger Region Scholarship Award Winners

2022 Girls Winners
  • Madeline Barton (RVA)
  • Emily Braun (Eclipse)
  • Taylor Brockmeier (Southwest)
  • Paige Broker (Eclipse)
  • Leila Ebeid (Adversity-WI)
  • Katelyn Kitsembel (RVA)
  • Vanessa Krueger (Wisconsin Ice)
  • Violet Lueck (Impact)
  • Abigail Proefrock (I AM)
  • Madelyn Weyda (MKE Sting)
  • Frisco Mo Winner:  Tayler Raley (Madtown)
2022 Boys Winners
  • Andrew Hoffman (RVA)
  • Zander Feudner (Southport)
  • Keegan Kearby (Southport)
  • Harrison Mills (Spike MKE)
  • Drew Wempner (Spike MKE)
  • Frisco Mo Winner:  Aidan Van Epern (MVC)
2021 Girls Winners
  • Jordan Bergliln (Milwaukee Sting)
  • Brooke Bolwerk (FC Elite)
  • Jenna Graven (Eclipse)
  • Madelyn Hauer (NW Stars)
  • Sydney Lilienthal (Wisconsin Ice)
  • Ally Longden (Midwest Penguins)
  • Katie Palmer (River City)
  • Rachel Pluta (Eclipse)
  • Kailyn Schillinger (Eau Claire Slam)
  • Joslyn Wolff (FC Elite)
  • Frisco Mo Winner: Anna Bohrer (Sting United Madison)
2021 Boys Winners
  • Brad Frost (FVP)
  • Kellen Gonzales (Milwaukee Sting)
  • Eli Javier (RVA)
  • Eric Mueller (Motion)
  • Quinlan O’Brien (Southport)
  • Frisco Mo Winner: Cooper Polczinski (FVP)
2020 Girls Winners
  • Brooklyn Anderson (Wisconsin Premier)
  • Aubree Bucheger (One Wisconsin)
  • Claudia Buchholz (RVA)
  • Laura Cassidy (DePere Diggers)
  • Madeline Davis-Troller (Wisconsin Performance)
  • Elizabeth Fortune (Balance)
  • Madeline Hoch (Midwest Penguins)
  • Renee Michaels (South Shore Slam)
  • Maddie Rettler (Milwaukee Sting)
  • Emily Schliesman (Eclipse VBC)
  • Frisco Mo Winner: Lauren Glissendorf (Crossfire)
2020 Boys Winners
  • Joshua Hoening (Southport VBC)
  • Colin Kenney (MVC)
  • Ethan Moll Hind (Madison Elite)
  • Avery Pohlman (MVC)
  • Jackson Van Engen (MVC)
  • Frisco Mo Winner: Aj Hevrdejs (Spike Milwaukee)
2019 Girls Winners
  • Stephanie Bemman (One Wisconsin Door County)
  • Lauren Birschbach (Epic VBC)
  • Kalyn Lawrence (Acers)
  • Kalylee Lorincz (Milwaukee Sting)
  • Chloe Tome (USAV Beach Volleyball Player)
  • Frisco Mo winner: Kelsie Belfiori (Wisconsin Ice)
2019 Boys Winners
  • Joseph DeStefanis (MVC)
  • Andrew Ellingham (MVC)
  • Justin Loth (Milwaukee Coastal)
  • Benjamin Serb (RVA)
  • Travis Shore (Southport)
  • Frisco Mo winner: Marcus Van Hoof (Spike Milwaukee)
2018 Girls Winners
  • Heidi Hoffman (Southwest)
  • Greta Paszek (Motion)
  • Molly Pistono (Wisconsin Select)
  • Barrett Poetker (RVA)
  • Ashley Sobocinski (Wisconsin Juniors)
  • Frisco Mo winner: Makenzie Vertz (Wisconsin Premier)
2018 Boys Winners
  • Duncan Beilke (Madison Elite)
  • Danny Belknapp (Spike Milwaukee)
  • Tyler Christensen (Southport)
  • Patrick Salter (Milwaukee Sting)
  • David Sandridge (Southport)
  • Frisco Mo winner: Nicholas Stahn (Spike Milwaukee)

Other awards

  • Official John Nelson won USA Volleyball’s Junior Assembly Outstanding Clinician Award in 2020.
  • Former Badger Region staff member Colleen Houk won USA Volleyball’s Junior Assembly Service Award in 2019
  • Nancy Paulson won USA Volleyball’s Junior Assembly Outstanding Clinician Aard in 2017.
  • The Badger Region Volleyball Association won USA Volleyball’s best website award (the Viggo O. Nelson Communication Award) in 2015