The adult volleyball scene is more relaxed than the junior club volleyball scene.

Getting started in Badger Region/USA Volleyball is easy. You can form a team for the whole season or throw together a team for one event. You can play for fun in our B/BB divisions or get after it in our A/AA division. Whether you are playing for the competition, fitness benefits, social experiences, friendships or all the above, we’ve got an opportunity for YOU in the Badger Region Adult Volleyball community. For tips on starting an adult team click here.

First things first, you will have to fill out the Adult Team Information Sheet by clicking here.

Next, you will have to sign up for a Badger Region/USAV membership. After that, you’re ready to start finding tournaments, finding a team and getting on the court!


To play in any region-sanctioned adult event, you need a current Badger Region/USAV membership. You have two options for memberships depending on what events you wish to participate in this season.

1. $10 One-Event Membership: get this if you plan to play in fewer than five events and do NOT plan to attend the Badger Region Championships OR USAV Adult Nationals.
2. $50 Full Membership: get this if you plan to play five or more events and/or WILL play at the Badger Region Championships and/or USAV Adult Nationals.

Once you have figured out which membership you need, click here to start the registration process.


To find an adult event, check out our adult event calendar. It’s an up-to-date listing of all adult events this season, and each event-title links to additional info and registration instructions.

Adult Chair on the Badger Region Board of Directors: TJ Abshire