Question: Why does my child have to keep score and line judge?
USA Volleyball believes in teaching players the entire game and that includes officiating. When they are not playing, players will develop leadership skills and knowledge of the game when they assist in officiating. Prior to any competition, clubs are required to instruct their players on proper techniques in refereeing and scoring.

Question: How do they learn to keep score, line judge, and referee?
USA Volleyball and Badger Region provide a variety of options for players, coaches, and parents to learn how to officiate and keep score at events. USA Volleyball provides free, on-line training modules via These modules can be viewed and/or “taken for credit” to fulfill the training requirements. These modules can be viewed and/or “taken for credit” to fulfill the training requirements. Members may log into their USAV Academy to be enrolled in the group of training modules listed here.

The required modules for scoring are:
• Scoring Basics, Non-deciding Set
• Scoring Basics, Deciding Set
• Scoring Sanctions
• Libero Control

The required modules for officiating are:
• Junior Second Referee Clinic
• Junior Line Judge Clinic
• Libero Rules
• Net and Center Line Rules

In lieu of the above on-line training, some clubs choose to have a professional Certified Referee conduct a Scoring and Officiating Clinic at a Club meeting. The subject matter of this in-person clinic is essentially the same as what is contained in the above on-line modules, but the in-person clinic allows the participants to interact and ask questions of the Certified Referee. Clubs who choose the in-person option may also encourage parents to attend so they have a better understanding of what it takes to work a match.

During the tournament matches, the club’s workers will also receive individualized instruction and encouragement from the Certified Referees.

Question: My child enjoys working the games. How do they become a Certified Referee or Scorer?
Many junior players enjoy officiating and keeping score, and go on to become highly skilled Certified Referees and Certified Scorers in High School and College. Assigned Professional Referees and Scorers work for pay – it’s a great part-time job and keeps them involved in a sport that they love. If a child or parent is interested in becoming a Certified Referee or Certified Scorer, please click here to visit the Official General Information page of this website.