Every member and family of the Badger Region should feel welcome, regardless of race, gender, identity, socioeconomic status or other identifications.

We know that racial and other forms of discrimination are not new, however recent events have made it painfully clear that progress cannot be made unless each individual and organization within our community makes a decision to step out of their comfort zone, learn something new about someone different than themselves, and take action to make inclusion a priority.

The racial, socioeconomic status and gender identity demographics in our region and in volleyball are significantly different than our state and especially of our country.

We at Badger Region, have, are and will continue to undergo an internal examination to address the shortfall of diversity and inclusion within our organization, in our clubs and in volleyball as a sport and community.
The Badger Region and its Board of Directors and staff commit to:

  • Listening and learning with open minds, and assisting others in doing the same, so that volleyball can be a sport where everyone feels safe and welcome.
  • Exploring our organizational structure, policies and procedures to examine ways to be more inclusive
  • Creating a Diversity & Inclusion Committee and seeking input from our membership
  • Reaching more areas of need through a Badger Region Grant Program
  • Reducing current barriers to entry into volleyball, and collaborating with other entities to increase access to our sport
  • Creating opportunities for outreach to under-served communities and populations
  • Increasing access to employment opportunities for families and individuals in need
  • Looking at ways to develop a minority coach and official scholarship and mentoring program
  • Developing a resource and outreach page on the Badger Region website for diversity and inclusion initiatives and information
  • Diversifying Badger Region’s social media following and shared content

Going by the mantra of “If you can’t see it, you won’t be it,” these steps and more are important and the time is now. Thank you to “Match Point” for this powerful video ­— with Wisconsin ties — to help explain some of the many reasons these actions are needed. (Click here)

General resources

  • See the “Match Point” documentary: Click here
  • USA Volleyball partners with RISE: Click here
  • Become a Sister Club for the Starlings Volleyball Program: Click here
  • Check out the hashtag #VolleyTheChange on social media
  • For a presentation from the Director of EDI Training, Development and Education at UW-Eau Claire (and a club director) Jodi Thesing-Ritter, click here. (Aug. 2022)

Additional information and resources

  • Podcast: Dual Pandemics – Coronavirus & Racism (Hilinski’s Hope): Click Here
  • Art of Coaching: Critical conversation about diversity, wellness and inclusion in sports. Click here.
  • Athlete Ally Training Module: Click Here
  • Transgender College Student Resource Guide: Click Here
  • Video diaries on experiencing and dealing with prejudice from Awareness Harmony Acceptance Advocates (AHAA): Click Here
  • Panel discussion from RISE – “Athlete Activism & The Fight For Equality” – Highlight Video – Full Panel Discussion
  • “How To Challenge Discriminatory Comments” from Basic Diversity: Click Here
  • “Beyond The Golden Rule” – A Parent’s Guide To Preventing & Responding To Prejudice: Click Here
  • “What Inclusion Is & Is Not” – from Diversity Central: Click Here
  • Understanding Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity – from the American Psychological Assocation (APA): Click Here
  • Talking To Kids About Discrimination – from the APA: Click Here
  • The Role of Recreation Leaders in Preventing Bullying – from StopBullying.gov: Click Here
  • Preventing Bullying Toward LBGTQ Youth – from StopBullying.gov: Click Here
  • Successful Teams & Respectful Team Members: Click Here
  • Preventing Bullying: What Great Coaches Need To Know: Click Here
  • Positive Coaching Alliance Development Zone: Click Here
  • Could You Be Racist And Not Know It?: Click Here
  • Trainings For Youth-Serving Professionals – From The Trevor Project: Click Here
  • Resources For LGBT Youth – From the CDC: Click Here
  • Online Guide & Resources For LBGTQ Students – From Marysville University: Click Here
  • Cyber Bullying Information: Click Here
  • Port of Seattle Anti-Racism Resources: Click Here

Websites & Other Resources

Racial Justice Online Resource List

Diversity & Inclusion online exercises & education

  • Printable educational exercises from RISE: Click Here
  • Educational exercises from Awareness Harmony Acceptance Advocates (AHAA): Click Here
  • Online Implicit Association Test – from Understanding Prejudice: Click Here (Read articles about this test here)
  • Implicit Bias Tests – from Harvard University (multiple options): Click Here
  • Bullying Prevention Online Training Center from StopBullying.gov: Click Here
  • Quizzes on Bullying & Cyberbullying from GirlsHealth.gov: Click Here
  • USOC SafeSport Online Training: Click Here
  • TrueSport Bullying Prevention Lessons: Click Here
  • TrueSport “Respect” Lessons: Click Here

Mental Health Resources

  • Hilinski’s Hope Foundation: Click Here
  • Statistics about mental health in youth/teens: Click Here
  • NCAA’s mental health page & resources: Click Here
  • NCAA’s Proposal For Mental Health Resources at Power 5 Schools: Click Here
  • Pac-12 Putting More Money Toward Mental Health: Click Here
  • “Your Life Matters” Video: Click Here
  • Black Mental Health Alliance: Click Here
  • Latinx  Therapy: Click Here
  • South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network: Click Here
  • American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Mental Health Resources (Updated 2023): Click Here

Please talk to someone, you are not alone. If you don’t know where to start, please email Executive Director Jennifer Armson-Dyer at jarmsondyer@badgerarchive4.0ed61ed.netsolhost.com or text at 414-507-1124. Your communication will be kept confidential.

Please look for more information on these initiatives as we examine how to best implement and expand access to our sport. If you would like to volunteer or have ideas for implementation, please contact Executive Director Jennifer Armson-Dyer at jarmsondyer@badgerarchive4.0ed61ed.netsolhost.com.