The Badger Region Volleyball Association provides a wide variety of services to our membership as we strive to achieve our mission and implement our vision. We constantly strive to improve our region and services through dialogue and feedback with our membership. If you have questions about our services, please contact a staff member.

  • We provide a framework of rules and regulations in which players, coaches, teams, club directors and officials function.
  • We provide policies and guidelines to safeguard our players, coaches, teams, club directors, officials and parents.
  • We provide educational opportunities for players, coaches, club directors and officials.
  • We provide competition opportunities for players, coaches and teams.
  • We provide grassroots programming and engagement to develop a new understanding and love of the sport.
  • We provide a platform for interaction with volleyball enthusiasts on both the regional and national levels around the country to share ideas and network.
  • We provide a safe and healthy environment for young players and young officials to develop through rules, regulations and resources.
  • We provide a program designed to encourage sportsmanship among all.