Looking for a membership for the 2022-23 season? Click here. (If you have not already created a Sports Engine account, you will be prompted to do so before purchasing a membership right away. Click here to find out how to create a Sports Engine Account)

For ANY questions not covered below, please email membership@badgerarchive4.0ed61ed.netsolhost.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding registration with Badger Region/USAV. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, contact membership@badgerarchive4.0ed61ed.netsolhost.com and including the member’s name and birth date with your inquiry.

Q1: Since I’m paying this Badger Region/USAV membership fee, I don’t need to pay for tryouts or tune-up clinics, right?
A: Wrong. Each club establishes their own tryout fee, and you must pay this to each club you tryout for or each tune-up clinic you participate in. The clubs use this tryout/tune-up clinic fee to cover gym rentals, t-shirts, coaches, etc. Additional club dues will also be applicable to each club. Each club is run as an independent business under the rules and regulations of Badger Region Volleyball. Please contact the individual club for questions relating to their fees.

Q2: Well then what am I paying this for?
A: This is your membership to Badger Region/USA Volleyball. Membership benefits include access to all regionally and nationally-sanctioned events, secondary insurance coverage, regional and nationals rules, regulations and guidelines put in place to protect the sport and individuals (including background screenings for every adult that is affiliated with a junior program), access to regional and national high performance programs and many other benefits.

Q3: Which membership do I choose?
A: If you are an adult and will be participating with a junior program or acting as an official, you must choose the full season adult membership. If you are in college, you may choose the reduced-fee collegiate membership, but the Badger Region office may verify enrollment at any time. If you are a parent, and you are certain your child will make a junior team somewhere in your area, select the full season junior membership option. This is the required membership for anyone playing on a regionally or nationally competitive team. If you are uncertain whether your child will be making a team, it is best to do the Tryout Membership. After your child has been selected for a team, log back into Sports Engine and accept the invitation from an organization to join their club. Upgrade to a season membership (if needed).  You will not be monetarily penalized for first selecting the tryout membership (the total still equals the cost of a full season junior membership). The $10 one-event membership is for those who don’t have a full season junior membership and to be used for tune-up clinics only.

Q4: It says that I need to register with USAV, but you’re Badger Region?
A: Badger Region is one of the 40 Regional Volleyball Associations (RVA) of USA Volleyball, so essentially we’re the Wisconsin Chapter. If you register with us, you’re registering with them!

Q5: I have a question about (insert a specific club’s tryout or tune-up clinic here)?
A: Each club within Badger Region is run independently. For information on each club’s tryout, tune-up clinics and other information, visit their website. To check out our complete list of region-affiliated girls clubs, click here. For boys clubs, click here.

Q6: How do I upgrade my membership to a season membership now that I made a team?
A:  When you receive an offer from a club, you will receive a Sports Engine-generated email inviting you (or your child) to join this organization. You should accept the invitation, at which time the system will prompt you to compete your membership upgrade to a full season junior membership from tryout membership you probably had.

Q7: How do I change from Undecided to a club?
A: You will receive an email from a club via Sports Engine to be invited to a club. There is no longer an option to pick a club before, after or during the purchase process. The option to invite athletes to clubs will begin Oct. 3 with the 14-and-under tryout period.

Q8: I have two children? Can we link accounts?
A: The answer starting Sept. 1, 2020, is “Yes.” Prior to that, the answer was “No.” Parents must have an account with Sports Engine from which to link the child accounts. Setting up a parent/guardian account is free. Steps in the purchase process will help parents to set up their own profile in the system before purchasing or linking accounts for their junior athletes.

Q9: What is the difference between League, Tryout and Season memberships?
A: A League Membership covers those smaller, in-house programs that run something like a six- or eight-week series that does not have competition against other clubs at tournaments. The Tryout Membership covers tryouts and tune-up clinics from Sept. 1-Dec. 31, 2021. Season memberships allow for tune-ups, tryouts and all competitions in the 2021-22 year. Prospective members will be prompted in Sports Engine to know which one is right for them.

Q11: How do I print my member card in Sports Engine?
A: You will receive an email confirmation when you purchase a Badger Region/USA Volleyball membership. On that email is a copy of your member card that you can print. It also includes a QR code that takes you to your profile in Sports Engine. All of these things can be printed when on your screen. Clubs have been asked to not request a membership card. Instead, they should be asking for the membership ID number. In Sports Engine, click here for instructions on how to find your membership ID number. For instructions on how to print the membership card, click here.

Q12: I just moved to Wisconsin or I played the previous season in a different Region, do I still need to request a transfer. 
A: In the new member management system, members do not need to request a Region transfer. They just need to access the Badger Region set of member options in Sports Engine (click here). Do not purchase a membership in another Region knowing that you will be competing or coaching for a Badger Region club.

Q13: When does my membership expire?
A: If you have a membership from the 2022-23 season, it goes through Aug 31, 2023. From now on (effective Sept. 1, 2022), any full membership bought during the 2022-23 season expires on Aug. 31, 2023. Moving forward, Badger Region/USA Volleyball have a 12-month membership season (not a 14-month season as previously had been offered).

Selecting a club

You may only choose a club once. If you choose the wrong club, you must contact membership@badgerarchive4.0ed61ed.netsolhost.com in order to get this changed. Please include the member’s name and birthday. If this club change occurs after the tryout period has started, the Badger Region must contact the current club director to ensure that the member has not already accepted an offer, per the Badger Region Tryout Policy.

If you still have a question, please contact us at membership@badgerarchive4.0ed61ed.netsolhost.com and we’ll help you out!