The Badger Region is putting an increased emphasis on sportsmanship this season. Not only are we going back to shaking hands before and after matches, but we are also brining back the ESP (Enthusiastic, Supportive, Positive) program, the Caught Doing Good feature and a new partnership with Won80.

Won 80

The Badger Region is excited to announce its partnership with Won80, an organization dedicated to sportsmanship and the role it plays in athletics and character development. As a benefit to members (clubs, parents, fans, officials and athletes), the Badger Region will work to coordinate Won80 with clubs who are interested in receiving a free sportsmanship presentation from founder Mark Horbinski, a longtime teacher, coach and official in Wisconsin for over 30 years.

Horbinski’s grassroots movement called Won80 is on a mission to lead a return to sportsmanship through awareness, education and inspiration. His presentations encourage participants to focus on their own behaviors and action that will in turn allow everyone to positively impact teammates, teams and communities alike. Won8-‘s sportsmanship summits (many of which are about 60 minutes in length) are hands-on, high energy and engaging. They also contain relevant topics that coincide with thought-provoking and empowering messages. Horbinski also is able to work with clubs to collaborate and customize his presentations for specifics groups.

The Badger Region Board of Directors has set aside funds to allow a handful of clubs to experience a sportsmanship summit put on by Won80 during the 2022-23 season. The Region also hopes to host a virtual Lunch & Learn for families who would like to participate in the program. A modified in-person option is also being planned for the weekends of the Badger Region Championships for parents and families.

Securing a Won80 summit

Want to schedule a Won80 summit? Contact the Badger Region office at A select few summits are available for free to member clubs — just another great reason to be a member of the Badger Region!

Won80 Testimonials

“The message Mark brought to our parents, student athletes and coaches was a deep dive into seeing the big picture of high school sports.” Brett Stoulsand ~ Barenveld School Disctrict Administrator

“Mark created a high-energy program that engaged the students and brought the students’ voice to the discussion of sportmanship.” Aaron May ~ Waunakee High School Athletic Director

“It is clear that he has great passion for kids and for creating an environment that is both healthy and energetic.” Ryan McGinnis ~ Kimberly High School Athletic Director