You can start an adult volleyball team to play in a single event or multiple events in Badger Region. You can play in the Badger Region Championships and other local events or travel to the USA Volleyball Adult Open National Championships. You can play with the exact same group each week or have a fluctuating roster. Check out our steps and how-to links below.

If you are a college club team competing in the WVC, do not follow the steps below. Contact Jason Smith (

  1. Read the Adult Team Rep Handbook: this contains everything you need to know and it’s important you read it.
  2. Fill out the Adult Team Info Form: team rep will fill out ONE form per team, hit submit and we’ll list your team on our website.
  3. Pick an event/events: Check out our tournament calendar for the upcoming season.
  4. Find teammates: You need at least six people to play in an event, so enlist a few friends or click the link to find players looking for teams.
  5. Register for a Badger Region/USAV membership: All players must have either a full ($55) or one-event ($10) membership.
  6. Set your roster: The team rep must set the official roster for each event (same roster can be used if personnel don’t change).
  7. Get uniforms: Click the link for vendors.