Published in the Sept. 28, 2016, Badger Region Beacon

Taking our coaching ability up a notch is most important for me as a Badger Region Volleyball Association Board Member. As a region, we’re very healthy. Our staff is excellent, we have a great culture and plenty of people are playing. Our referees are professional and our facilities are more than adequate.

Clubs are growing and multiplying. With those things in place, and as a Top 10 region (by membership), every athlete deserves the chance to benefit not only from coaching; from excellent coaching. Embracing the IMPACT lesson of “Ancora Imparo” (always learning) is a big step in creating a strong coaching culture. Many coaches are so busy focusing on their teams (as they should be) that they don’t have the time they want to spend on learning the next great methods and techniques for success.

It’s our job to make that easier, and it will be my focus over the next quadrennial. The region has set aside resources for coach education, and we’ve prepared to visit clubs to help build some mentor relationships. Several clubs have already benefited from empowering their mentors to help their new coaches.

You can read more about these free mentoring sessions at coaches-coaching-coaches/.

We have top-notch coaches spread throughout our region. That said, we don’t all need to attend CAP or AVCA to be great. We do need our knowledgeable coaches to help pass on some basic information.

A few simple tweaks can take a coach from good to great. BJ’s Region Activities: NE Wisconsin Representative Education Coordinator Master IMPACT Instructor Ethics Arbitrator Adult Player Representative For questions anything volleyball related:

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