Uniforms are a big deal. You can order a variety of jerseys ranging from plain, one-colored jerseys to sublimated jerseys featuring fancy designs. Think motor cross jerseys. There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering jerseys.

1. ORDER EARLY if at all possible and guesstimate sizes to ensure on-time delivery.

2. Make sure your libero jerseys contrasts with your other jerseys (details in current USAV rule book).

3. Uniforms must have at least a 4-inch number on the front and 6-inch number on the back in a contrasting color to the jersey material (details in current USAV rule book).

4. Players must be wearing matching jersey tops (besides the libero) and bottoms of the same color. Knee pads, ankle braces, socks and shoes need not match.

5. Coaches do not need to match, but it is nice to provide them with apparel to wear on the bench.

6. There are tons of uniform vendors. Check out KM Sports, Burghardts, All-Star Sportswear, East Bay, Mid-Cty Sports, Adidas or ask a club director in your area for vendor recommendations.

7. Contact the region office to order your USAV rule book, which lists jersey requirements for the current season.

Have questions if your jerseys are compliant? Upload images here and they will be judged by the Badger Region Ref Chair.