• Maintain Badger Region/USAV Membership:this is $50 annually for Sports Engine membership ($27 for full-time college enrolled students) and $30 every other season for a background screen.
  • Submit an Independent Contractor Agreement & W9: fill out this online form.
  • Complete the SafeSport Training Course: SafeSport can be added to your Sports Engine membership. Please register for your Safe Sport training when renewing your membership
  • Complete the Badger Region Provisional Scorer Training Course: (coming soon) this course is done on the USAV Academy and is necessary for all Provisional Scorers. Click on the link to register. **Please email your USAV Academy confirmation/certificate from USAV/VRT to Lexi Sheldon for verification.
  • In-person professional scorer clinic: (coming soon) The In-Person Professional Scorer clinic focuses on the application of scorer knowledge, skills and mechanics. The three-hour, hands-on clinic is a requirement of any individual wishing to obtain professional scorer certification. The clinic must be re-taken each time an individual wishes to advance to a higher certification level. It need not be taken if an individual is re-certifying at their current certification level.
  • Practice scoring: do this within 60 days of taking the exam. Click link for details.