The responsibilities of a score monitor are outlined below.

  1. Check in with Tournament Director a minimum of 15 minutes prior to assignment.
  2. Dressed in Blue khaki pants or similar, dark belt, all-white polo shirt, all-white tennis shoes.
  3. Have all relevant score keep materials/reference documents readily available near your monitoring courts.
  4. Check each court’s score desk for appropriate/accurate scoreing materials.
  5. Rotate from court to court as necessary (minimum coverage of 4 courts).
  6. Monitor the effectiveness of the scorer, libero tracker and the overall score desk.
  7. Be available to step in and score keep if necessary (due to current score error or as requested by event director).
  8. Assist in distribution of score sheets to tournament director’s desk, where necessary.
  9. At the conclusion of the monitoring session, obtain the printed name and signature of the Tournament Director on your Badger Region Payment Reimbursement Request Form. NEW PROCESS: Send the completed form to the Badger Region Score Chair,



  • Three set Libero tracking sheets
  • Lineup sheets
  • Pencils and/or pens
  • 2 pens/2 pencils
  • Correction tape/White-out
  • Straight edge
  • Watch
  • Rule book
  • Scorer Reference Document (USAV PowerPoint presentation)