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Badger Region will allow an optional “Retention Period” of Aug. 1-Aug. 10 for clubs to be able to offer a spot in their club for the previous season’s players for the coming season. After 7 p.m. CT on Aug. 10, this window closes until the applicable tryout period.

a. Rationale:

This policy affords clubs the flexibility to extend early offers to returning club members for the purpose(s) of player retention, budgeting and other logistics, securing and training coaches, etc. The August window was chosen to avoid conflicts with both the club and high school seasons for the athletes. This opportunity can help relieve some of the anxiety and stress of tryouts for players who already know that they will be able to return to their club. This is done at the club’s discretion and the Region will have no involvement in the specifics of this process, including if a club chooses to offer this option, who is offered, who is not offered, and if the club offers a spot within the club or on a specific team. It is up to the family to decide if this is the best option for them, with the understanding that commitment during this time period is binding to the club for the entire season, per the Badger Region tryout and commitment policy.

b. Questions asked about the “Retention Period”:

i. Is a club allowed to hold tryouts between August 1-10 for returning players? No. The Retention Period simply allows clubs to extend offers to and accept offers from would-be returning members.

ii. How does a player accept an offer during the Retention Period? Additional information and logistics regarding the offer and commitment process for the retention period will be sent to club directors and available on the Badger Region website by July 1.

iii. Does a club have to participate in the Retention Period? No. Clubs are not required to participate in the Retention Period.

iv. Does the club have to offer a spot on a specific team or offer a specific position? It is up to the club to determine if a player is given a spot within the club, on a specific team or in a specific position. It is the sole responsibility of the club to administer this policy, the region will not become involved in placement disputes.

v. What if a player is released from one club at the end of his/her season to participate in additional competitions with a different club? Following precedent set by the Badger Region Recruiting Policy, all rostered clubs for a season may offer a returning player during the Retention Period. For example, a player participates with a club for the full season. After that season is complete and the player has fulfilled all of his/her obligations, the player joins another club for additional competitions. Both clubs are able to offer this player in the Retention Period.

vi. How many times can a club contact a player during the Retention Period regarding an offer? The “one-contact” policy will remain in place, allowing for one club-initiated contact during the Retention Period, and one club-initiated contact during the applicable traditional tryout/commitment period (i.e. October or November). Example: A club is allowed one contact in the Retention Period. When that period ends and the traditional tryout and commitment period begins, the “one-contact” resets and clubs are allowed one contact after an offer is made.

vii. What if a club closes or merges with another club? If a club ceases doing business at the end of a season, none of those players will be offered during the Retention Period. If clubs merge with a new name and new leadership, none of the players from either club will be offered during the Retention Period. If one club absorbs the other, with club leadership remaining the same, players from the existing and the absorbed club can be offered during the Retention Period.

viii. How will families know how many offers have been accepted by a club during the Retention Period? Badger Region recommends that in advance of traditional tryouts, clubs include in their tryout information the number of spots filled during the Retention Period and the number of spots remaining for a particular age group, team and/or position. The Badger Region will track clubs who used the Retention Period on the club registration form.

For any questions, concerns or comments regarding the changes to polices surrounding junior team composition, tryouts and commitments, please contact your applicable board member, found here: