Every coach within Badger Region and USA Volleyball must have four minimum requirements:

  1. Membership with the Region/USAV: a full adult membership is $50.
  2. A clear, current USAV background screen: the $30 screening process is initiated during membership registration and good for two seasons.
    Please Note: The background MUST be through USAV. No other background screening will be accepted (for example, from a school).
  3. IMPACT Certification: this is a coaching certification class that needs to be taken once a career and costs $50.
  4. SafeSport certification: this is an online training program to bring awareness, education, and reporting for abuse and misconduct.

The Badger Region also allows any Junior Member that is a High School Senior to be an Assistant Coach for a Jr. Club team.  The requirements for this member to coach are:

  1. Register for a full Junior Membership
  2. Become IMPACT/SafeSport certified
  3. If under 18, fill out the Jr. Code of Ethics Form (to receive this form email Sara Voigt at Sara@badgerarchive4.0ed61ed.netsolhost.com)
  4. Complete a background screen (if 18 years old, or once they turn 18)