The first step to getting started with Badger Region is to determine whether you need one of our adult membership options or junior membership options.

Looking for a membership for the 2022-23 season? Click here. (If you have not already created a Sports Engine account, you will be prompted to do so before purchasing a membership right away. Click here to find out how to create a Sports Engine Account)

For ANY questions, please email

Junior Membership Options

If you are high-school aged or younger, you need some type of junior membership to participate in Badger Region events and programming. We offer junior membership options ranging from tryout memberships to full memberships to summer memberships. We even offer a FREE youth membership for kids under the age of 8.

The Badger Region does not get involved in any contract situations or negotiations between a club and a player/family and/or coach. 

Adult Memberships

If you are out of high school and want to participate in Badger Region events, you will need to select one of our adult membership options. We offer an assortment of adult membership options ranging from one-event memberships to college-aged memberships to summer memberships to full membership.

If you have ANY questions about which membership you should get, please email prior to registering. There are no refunds once a membership has been purchased.