1. Identify Clubs In Your Area
Depending on where you are from, you might have a number of club options to choose from. If you are a boy, click here to view club options. If you are a girl, click here to view club options.

2. Determine Your Age Division
When trying out for a club team, you need to know which age division you belong to since all teams are based on age. Click here to figure out which age division you need to tryout for this season.

3. Do Your Research
We strongly recommend looking over our tried-and-true tips on choosing a club. Club volleyball is a commitment of both time and money. It is important to consider all of your options before diving in head first. Each club offers something a little bit different. Doing your research is an important step in finding a club that provides a good fit for your player.

4. Tryout, Tryout, Tryout
You will (probably) need to attend a tryout once you have decided which club teams you are interested in playing for. Since there are no guarantees you will be offered a spot, try out for several programs if possible. You need to be a member of Badger Region/USAV to tryout for or play with a club. If you are not already a member, create a membership in Sports Engine and purchase the right membership (click here for options). Please note that since each club is an independently run business, you will also need to sign up with the club to attend their tryout.

5Continuing in the 2021-22 season
Badger Region clubs can offer “early” tryouts for out-of-state players. Because of conflicting tryout policies and dates among bordering Regions, effective immediately, clubs will now have the option of holding a tryout and making an offer for athletes living outside of Wisconsin based on the tryout policy of the athlete’s home region. Athlete commitment dates (see below) will remain consistent with Badger Region rules. At this time, nothing changes for athletes living in Wisconsin. This is an optional waiver for those clubs who have or wish to have male or female athletes from a neighboring state tryout for their club, and the club is responsible for confirming an athlete’s address, knowing and abiding by alternate regional tryout policies as well as any unforeseen circumstances related to choosing this option. The Region will authorize only one tryout session for out-of-state athletes per age/gender tryout wave. That means a club can host an out-of-state tryout for girls 14-and-under, one tryout for out-of-state girls 15-and-older and one tryout for out-of-state boys.

6. Accept An Offer
You can tryout for as many clubs as you want, but you can only play for one club each season. After being offered a spot on a team, you will have a set amount of time to decide whether or not you want to accept it. Click here for this season’s tryout and commitment date policy as it changes each year and all clubs must abide by it. Once again, we stress doing your research BEFORE so you know what you are getting into. To officially accept an offer, you must open your Sports Engine account and accept the invitation from the club.

7. Become A Full Badger Region Member
A player must have a full season membership to play with a junior club team during the season. If you registered for a tryout membership, click here to upgrade it to a full junior membership. If you registered for a full junior membership, you are set!

If you have any questions pertaining to clubs, tryouts or membership, contact Brian Sharkey.