Published Sept. 14, 2016, in the Badger Beacon

B.J. Bryant has served on the Badger Region Board of Directors for eight years and as a member of the executive committee since 2013. As a player, coach, administrator and member of the board B.J. has been involved in the sport of volleyball from a very early age.

Q: How did you get involved in volleyball? When I was in fourth grade, I got to be the waterboy for the UWM women’s team. My aunt was a student assistant after an accomplished four-year career there. I really enjoyed the sport and the way the team worked together. From there I was hooked.

Q: You are, effectively, involved in the sport of volleyball full time. Is that something you saw yourself doing early on? Certainly not. I got in to coaching after my playing days in the Wisconsin Volleyball Conference came to an end as a way to stay involved. Becoming a club director, getting involved with the region HP program, and collegiate coaching were never on my radar. Now, it’s something that I can’t imagine my life without. I am very fortunate that my wife has a terrific job and supports me in my involvement with volleyball. Without her I wouldn’t be able to do anywhere near what I am, currently.

Q: How does being a junior club director impact your experience with the BOD? I really feel that it helps me to be a member of the board that is very focused on the needs and issues facing clubs and our youth membership. Junior members in Wisconsin are the cornerstone of our region. I believe that, as a board, we need to do as much as we can to make sure that policies and guidelines are in place to help make kids’ and families’ experiences in club volleyball extremely positive. Proposals which we vote on can be controversial and complex. I work to make sure that I take into account the impact decisions may have on club directors in the region as well as how it may impact the junior members.

Q: What is your favorite Region event or program? I am a HUGE fan of the region High Performance program. As a coach over the last eight years with the teams I have had the pleasure of working with some of the regions top talents. I have developed terrific relationships with other coaches from around the state and have been honored to represent Badger on a national level. The HP camp is, by far, my favorite of the summer and something I look forward to each year.

Q: What is an aspect of the BOD that you feel the region membership could benefit from knowing. Our board meetings are open to any and all people. Oftentimes we may be discussing topics or issues that are very important to how our clubs operate during the club year and the offseason. I believe that people have a tendency to assume that their specific thoughts and needs are not being addressed properly. Attend a meeting. See how the process works. Provide feedback to your representative or a member of the executive committee. I think that it’s important to make sure that you are communicating on a regular basis with the board member who has been elected to vote on your behalf.

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