Miss an email about BRYFVL? Looking for a link that you know existed at one time? Use the BRYFVL Communication Blog below to find any communication you may have missed or misplaced to help you and your program:

May 5, 2021 update

We are getting bombarded with emails from families that are purchasing the wrong membership or have no idea what membership to purchase for BRYFVL (which we expected). Our website has been updated with all new information and we have also put together this helpful one-pager for your families to assist them with their membership questions. Please email this one-pager to all of your families and coaches when you get a chance. We also added it to our Badger Region and BRYFVL Facebook pages.

April 8, 2022 update

We are exactly five short months from the start of the BRYFVL competition season and we wanted to offer details on the coming season as we know at this time:

  1. As we work through the planning process, we would like your feedback on 2021 BRYVFL and your thoughts and ideas for BRYFVL 2022. Please take a few moments and give your feedback here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2022BRYFVLSurvey

  2. The Badger Region is currently in the RFP process with facilities in southeast Wisconsin who might be able to host competition weekends for the event.

  3. The Region is working on securing officials and again will be utilizing BRYFVL as a training opportunity for new officials in the state.

  4. Staff is mentoring new and less experienced program directors on how to start a program to help grow the numbers of their own middle school teams to become as strong of a feeder program as possible for their future high school teams.

As some of you might be aware, a new youth league for middle school teams in the Greater Milwaukee area has emerged and has caused some confusion amongst directors, parents and schools. The Badger Region will continue to run its own Fall League in line with the BRYFVL mission statement: “The League is designed to offer competition and development for athletes new to volleyball as well as experienced athletes at the middle school level.” The goal of BRYFVL has always been to expand to areas outside of Metro Milwaukee, and we are happy to continue our pursuit of that goal of helping to organize these opportunities where they may not already be available.

The Badger Region prides itself on the many great opportunities and pillars embodied in the Badger Region Youth Fall Volleyball League including:

* Coaching education (working with new and experienced coaches to help them build the foundations of teaching the sport through in-person and online training opportunities)

* Officials training (working with new and less experienced officials at BRYFVL to train them to become future leaders in the world of officiating)

* Safety requirements for child protection (All coaches, officials and staff working with teams have SafeSport training and USA Volleyball Background Screenings  — the most thorough of any youth sports organization)

* Other membership benefits — including the access to offerings from Badger Region and USA Volleyball (camps, clinics, indoor and outdoor events, newsletters and communication, club tryouts and competition, insurance and medical claim coverage)

The Badger Region staff is available seven days a week to answer questions and handle the task of running the BRYFVL. In addition, our trusted infrastructure does not have a vested interest in any one specific club or high school. Monies made from BRYFVL go back into promoting volleyball for all in the state of Wisconsin in the form of youth clinics, coaching education, officials’ training, awards programs, scholarships and so much more.

We hope that if you have questions or ideas concerning the BRYFVL or any middle school volleyball opportunities that you would reach out to our office at membership@badgervolleyball.org, in addition to taking the survey, found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2022BRYFVLSurvey

For more information, contact Sara Voigt at sara@badgerarchive4.0ed61ed.netsolhost.com or call 262-349-9785.