Mileage in excess of 120 miles round trip will be reimbursed by the Badger Region at a rate of $0.35/mile from a person’s primary residence to the event site as verified by the BRVA on-line assigning system. For example, if a referee travels 130 miles round trip, the reimbursement would be 10 X $0.35 = $3.50. If a referee travels 118 miles round trip, there would not be any mileage reimbursement. Any amounts that total under $10 will also not be paid by the Badger Region.

BRVA reimbursement for lodging for officials performing their duties is rarely granted by the Region and is only used to support officials traveling to two-day tournaments in outlying areas. To be considered, any lodging request must be made to the Referee Chair either via email or in writing no later than 2 days in advance of the date of the event. Maximum reimbursement is $75 per night for a shared room. At their discretion, some clubs that host tournaments may offer to supply lodging for officials.